C, C++,C#,  PL/SQL, FoxPro, VB,PHP,JAVA
GUI Programming:

Dot.Net, Visual Basic 6.0

Operating System: MS DOS 6.1, Windows 9X / 2003 / XP, Linux,W7,W8,Android
RDBMS: Oracle 9i,10g,11g, M.S. Access, MySQL , Sql Server-2005,Sql-Server 2008

Software Engineering concepts, Parallel Processing concepts, Networking Concepts, Computer Graphics, Operational Research, Multimedia Concepts. Management Information System, Enterprise
Management System, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, System Programming, Secure Socket Layers Fundamental, E-Security,

Dataminig,Buisness Inteligence, Web Mining

Tools & Utilities: CrystalReport,HTML Report
Other Tools:  Cross Platform Application Development for  Mobile Applications and PDAs





Bachelor in Computer Engineering
MS in Software Systems




Worked as Corporate Trainer for .Net, C, C++, JAVA, PHP Technology & Faculty at SSiUniv Computer Center, Visnagar. june-2007 to 2009. 




Books Published:


1. Internet Application Programming(Concepts of C#,Ado.Net,Asp.Net)


2.Database Programming with VB.Net

(Database Driven Windows Application,Web Applicaions,Reportin and XML)


3.Computer Programming

(C- Language Beginners Guide and Refrence)


4.Advance Computer Programming

(C- Language Advance Concepts-Arrays Pointers... Guide and Refrence)


5. .NET Programming

(Windows Programmig with VB.NET-OOP Concepts,Windows Common and Advance Control and Data Base Programming with VB.NET)


6. Internet Technology

(Internet Technology Concepts... HTML, Traditional ASP,Advance ASP and Database Programming with ASP)


7.Programming in Java

Paper Published:


1.Heterogeneous Database Architecture

2.Congnitive Computing Chip

















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